My name is Becca and I am a mom to an audacious two-year-old boy. Against my better judgment, I am also in the process of gestating yet another tiny, adorable freeloader.

I love to write – it’s probably definitely the only thing I am any good at, other than keeping my sweet babychild alive and maintaining the appearance of a functional existence. I enjoy snark, biting sarcasm, intense discussions about baby poop, and that thing that happens just as you’re about to fall asleep and your leg kicks.

My biggest goal in life is to minimize the amount of irreversible damage I cause to my children, and also, perhaps one day write for a living.

I am a Communications Strategist by day, and at night I write about parenting, pregnancy, loss, grief and the humour we must maintain through it all.

You should probably also know that sometimes I drink Coca-Cola at 8 o’clock the morning.

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